The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2015

The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2015

The Great Easter Egg Hunt 2015 Starts at Sainsburys Car park in Saltcoats at 10-00am. The idea is there will be clues around the Town Centre that must be found each clue will lead you to the next (where your Egg Hunt card will be stamped) The final clue will lead people to where the prizes are given out.

Now on the back of each card is an area to fill in your details, and leave the card with us, and you could win our star Prize!

In collaboration with this we have teamed up with Petsmarket who are going to be running a simple quiz on Caring for rabbits! Note they will not be selling rabbits over the Easter period! Again their will be a prize for the first question out of the hat there. Rabbit care documents can be found here

Now the boring bit !

Many local businesses have teamed up to make this event happen, and a lot of local volunteers have taken the time to make this happen, so please appreciate our efforts and bring the family out for the day.

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